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All about me, Sam Hasty
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Sunday, 10 August 2008 18:42

For the last 11 years I have lived in and explored just about every neighborhood in Austin. After earning my BA in communications in 2002, I embarked on a career which has spanned the entire spectrum of real estate, particularly real estate in Austin. In fact my first experiences in real estate began as a young man working alongside my father building homes in south Texas.

I have spent these 11 years working in the various aspects of real estate starting as a loan consultant, rising to the vice president in charge of training. This position allowed me to pursue a passion of mine: interacting with and helping other people. When an even better opportunity arose to follow that passion, I jumped at that chance, becoming a wholesale mortgage account executive. This position allowed me to work with many of Austin's great brokers and learning about the inner workings of mortgages and what happens after purchases and refinances close. In the heat of doing quite a bit of business, this knowledge allowed me to see the looming black cloud coming down, with all of the programs other banks were offering, and seeing first hand so many loan officers abuse loopholes as well as their own clients. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing; this isn't why I was in real estate.

Wanting to get back to working to get individual families into the homes of their dreams, I began working with one of Austin's elite real estate company as the Marketing and IT Director. During this time I took the opportunity to advance my knowledge of search engine optimization. and web development. Day to day, I was responsible for creating marketing plans and ads for some of the most talented real estate agents in Austin.

With my previous experience and working closely with these agents I was fortunate enough to learn the keys to successfully market and sell properties, from the high end luxury homes of Westlake to modest family homes, to even Austin's unique downtown properties.

This path I've travelled has left me with contacts across that spectrum of real estate and mortgages, a knowledge base which makes me uniquely suited to handle whatever issues may arise, whether it be mortgage related, or just a desire for that perfectly unique home.

Being a naturalized Austinite, I have a passion for the history of the state, particularly for Austin. Each day I strive to learn something as of yet undiscovered. I currently live in north Austin with my wife of 4 years, Carol, and our most wonderful dog DK. We love to travel, the theater, tennis, movies, live music, and anything outdoors in my spare time. At 17, I was one of the youngest park Rangers for Texas Parks and Wildlife, serving at Kickapoo Caverns and Devil's Sinkhole State Natural Areas in central Texas, which left me with an extensive knowledge and passion for all the plants and animals that keep us company here in the great state of Texas. So anytime you want to go trouncing around in the wilderness, please feel free to call me!

And if you feel like buying a piece of it, you can call me for that too! I'm always happy to help! 

All the best

Sam Hasty

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